WURROOK: Stud principal Paul Walton, with Nicholas Allen, Teesdale, and the fleece that is off the ram that Mr Allen bought from the stud at Sheepvention recently.

Studs open gates for Southern Victorian Merino Field Day

EIGHT Merino and Poll Merino studs in southern Victoria opened their gates on Friday, for this year’s Southern Victorian Merino Field Days.

The studs that took part in the field day were Boorana, Stavely Park, Mt Challicum, Stud Park South, Montrose Hill, Wurrook, Ioness Poll, and Coryule.

Visitors came from all throughout Victoria, and had the opportunity to check out the studs’ flocks, ahead of a lot of their upcoming ram sales.

The Pen of Three Sale Rams winner was Montrose Hill, judged by Ross McGauchie, Terrick West, and John Barty, Beverley.

Check out photos from each of the studs below.

We spoke to some of the stud principals and stud managers about this year’s sale rams.

Montrose Hill stud co-principal George McKenzie said the stud has recently registered a Poll Merino stud, to run alongside the Merino stud.

Coryule Merino stud manager Craig Trickey said this year's sale rams have had 450 millimetres of rain fall on them since they were shorn in March.

Stud Park South stud principal Pat Millear said he is pleased with the direction the stud's going, with sheep cutting large amounts of wool.

Stavely Park stud principal Felicity Brady said the stud has been concentrating on wool cut, and producing good, white, crimpy wool.

Mt Challicum stud principal Phil Hartwich said they are trying to cut as much wool as possible on well-framed sheep.

Boorana stud principal William Lynch said they are striving to breed an easy-care Merino.

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