Elders Coonalypn livestock agent Bryan Biddle, Netherton farmer Peter Barney and Elders Bordertown branch manager Brenton Henriks, with the sale-topping $221 young ewes.

Strong finish to 2016 Bordertown off-shears sales

THE final Bordertown off-shears sale for 2016 ended on a high note, with young ewes selling to $221.

Local farmers Hartley Oborn and Brian Rohrlach, Custon, were buyers on the day.
Elders Keith livestock agent Dean Coddington caught up with Andrew Bennett, Mundulla, Bill Langley, Bordertown, and Ted Langley, Bordertown.

THE final Bordertown off-shears sale for 2016 ended on a high note, with young ewes selling to $221.

Elders Bordertown branch manager Brenton Henriks said it was an outstanding line-up of sheep.

“I think they have bloomed up since the last off-shears sale four weeks ago,” he said.

“Seeing a bit more sun on their backs has certainly helped.”

Mr Henriks said strong bids came from throughout the region.

“People are looking to join up ewes a bit later, so there was good demand from here in Bordertown and down south to Mount Gambier, Lucindale, Kingston and Naracoorte,” he said.

Landmark Bordertown livestock agent Graeme Hampel said there was widespread SE competition at the sale.

“Although it was a small yarding, it was a good quality yarding for a November sale,” he said.

“There’s still good demand for young ewes and breeding ewes.”

The top-price pen came from Netherton farmer Peter Barney, who was having a complete dispersal.

Pinkerton Palm Hamlyn & Steen Naracoorte bought the pen of 113 April/May 2015-drops, August-shorn and Radnor-blood, at $221.

Making the second highest-price for 1.5yo ewes was AE&DM Tucker, with 148 Mulloorie-blds, September-shn, at $188.

The same vendor also sold 97 Mulloorie-bld 5.5yo ewes for $136.

JM&DJ Gilbertson, Lameroo, sold 146 August-shn, Glenlea-bld 1.5 yo ewes for $184 to PPH&S Naracoorte.

Also selling young ewes at $184 was Delema Investments, Lameroo, with 61 August-shn, Glenlea-blds, which sold to Thomas DeGaris Clarkson Penola.

CD Baker & Sons, Lucindale, sold 155 October-shn, Lines-bld 1.5yo ewes for $183 to PPH&S Kingston.

ES Hannemann & Son sold 91 young ewes, November-shn and Dalveen-bld, for $172, to Spence Dix & Co, account Irlam.

Making the same money at $172 was R Gensicke, Naracoorte, with 105 young ewes, October-shn and Terrick West-bld, knocked down to Elders Bordertown.

Charles Ashby & Co, Tintinara, sold 348 August-shn, Yarram Valley-bld young ewes, with half selling for $166 and the other half for $160, along with 37 at $138.

MP&MM McBride sold 341 July/August 2015-drops, September-shn and Moorundie Park-bld, with half selling for $170 and the other half for $160.

TR&AL Thomas, Bordertown, sold 37 October-shn, Ridgway Advance-bld young ewes for $156 to Elders Kaniva, Vic, along with 69, 5.5yo ewes at $122 to PPH&S Kingston, and 215 wethers at $90 to Elders Bordertown.

BD&EM WIlliams, Kaniva, sold 110 SAMM/Merino-crosses, 1.5-2.5yo, October-shn, for $186 to Westech Ag.

MA Temby, Lameroo, sold a pen of 150 Ridgway Poll-blds, October-shn, 3.5-4.5yo ewes for $162 to Landmark Bordertown, and 62 young ewes for $160.

VJ&AJ Nankivell sold 73 Ridgway Advance-bld 2.5-5.5yo ewes, September-shn, for $130 to Landmark Kingston.

The same vendor topped the wether section, with 250 at $106.

KS Keller & Co, Western Flat, sold 54 Hamilton Run-bld 2.5yo ewes for $164, along with 193 Hamilton Run-bld 5.5yo ewes at $132.

DL&L Schnieder, Western Flat, sold 38 Dohne 5.5yo ewes, October-shn, for $124 to SDC, account Irlam.

L&J McInerney sold 74 Maroona-bld 5.5yo ewes at $124, and a further 49 at $120.

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