3750 Poll Dorset/Primeline and MeatPlus/Primeline lambs being penned for the annual on-property auction at Bobbara Station, Galong.

Store lambs average $111.85 at Galong|Photos

3750 store lambs went under the hammer at Bobbara Station, Galong, to excited bidding which saw top price for Poll Dorset/Primeline lambs of $118.

Reviving the traditional on-property sale at Bobbara Station, Galong, 3250 Poll Dorset/Primeline lambs and 500 MeatPlus/Primeline lambs sold to for average price $111.85 to lamb producers keen to secure fresh lambs for finishing through to export weights.

The top price pen at $118 was paid by Warren Bailey, “Magunyah”, Cootamundra for 325 Poll Dorset/Primline lambs weighing 38.9kg.

The pen of 500 MeatPlus/Primeline lambs weighing 34.3kg sold for $107 through AuctionsPlus.

Bobbara Station, Glaong, manager, Rob McColl said the sale presented a “good opportunity for producers to purchase good lines of well bred lambs to finish during the present good season.”

Lambs went to Forbes, Cootamundra, Corowa, and two pens purchased through AuctionsPlus.

The sale was conducted by Delta Livestock, Young, with Aaron Mackie taking the bids and was interfaced with AuctionsPlus. 

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