Bobbara Station, Galong manager Rob McColl with Tony Rutter, buyer of pen of 250 wether lambs for $136 on behalf of Oberon-based client and assistant manager Matt Cummins. The lambs weighed 40.8kg average.

Store lambs at Bobbara Station sale to $152.50

The second annual sale of store lambs at Bobbara Station, Galong saw repeat buyers driving the sale on the back of past performance.

Presenting 4520 Meatplus/Primeline store lambs last Friday for the second annual sale account Bobbara Station, Galong, assistant manager Matt Cummins was well pleased to see a top price paid of $152.50 for a line of unshorn ewe lambs assessed at 33.4 kilograms average weight.

“It was a great sale and we are very happy with the way the lambs presented,” Mr Cummins said.

“Repeat buyers were present and they are very happy with our product.”

Mr Cummins said the lambs had only recently been weaned, and the overall sale prices showed great confidence in the store lamb job.

The top price at $152.50 was paid Luke Carr, Wellington who operated through the AuctionsPlus connection to secure his pick of the offering.

The 300 Meatplus/Primeline ewe lambs weighed 33.4kg average.

Other good sales of ewe lambs included 600 bought by Tony Rutter on behalf of Jack Derrick, Cootamundra to top of $146.50 for the pen of 300 weighing 33.4kg: and $140 paid by return client Anthony Dean, Temora for 300 weighing 33.4kg.

In the pens of wether lambs, Tony Rutter made his presence felt when he snapped up the opening pen of 250 lambs weighing 40.8kg for $136 on behalf of a Oberon-based client.

“They will shear the lambs and put them onto a green pick with self feeders,” he said.

“The lambs will be grown out to 55kg and sold during January.”

Mr Rutter said he ‘knows’ the sheep as he has fed many and said they ‘will do 450gms’ per day. 

“The lambs here today are right up there with other store sales, but you can’t buy this quality in such good runs anywhere,” he said.

Tom Heggaton, Argyle Food Pastoral, Galong was a new client but purchased many of the wethers because he knows the genetic background of the sheep and is aware of their excellent performance.

Mr Heggaton bought 875 lambs paying to $116 for wethers weighing 33.7kg.

"We will grow them out on pasture and grain,” he said.

“They are a good line of sheep and it is better for me than buying out of the saleyards as we are not far away.”

Return client Anthony Dean, Temora purchased 606 wethers weighing 37.4kg for $121.50 and 300 ewe lambs weighing 33.4kg for $140.

The pens of seven year ewes, January-shorn and weighing 90.7kg sold to top $135 when bought through AuctionsPlus by Luke Carr, Wellington.

The sale was interfaced with AuctionsPlus and settled by Delta Livestock and Property, Young with Aaron Mackay taking the bids.

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