PRINCELY RAM: Banyandah's Ian Shippen, Rodwell's Michael de Kleuver, Roger Polkinghorne and James Shippen, with Harry. PHOTO: Andrew Miller.

Charinga’s princely price for Merino ram

A young ram has sold for a princely sum of $42,000 at the 22nd annual Charinga and Gowandale ram sale.

A YOUNG ram has sold for a princely sum of $42,000 at the 22nd annual Charinga and Gowandale, Berrimal, Victoria, ram sale.

Lot number one, “Harry”, was knocked down for $42,000, to Ian and Camilla Shippen, Banyandah Pastoral Company, Moulamein, New South Wales.

The June 2016 drop ram, sired by Tex, recorded Australian Sheep Breeding Values (ASBV’s) of a 20.4 Micron fleece, a standard deviation (SD) of three, a co-efficient of variation (CV) of 14.7 and comfort factor of 99.7 per cent.

Mr Shippen said he wanted the ram in his flock. 

“If he can put a bit more wool on our flock, with a bit quicker maturity and spread over a number of sheep, he’s cheap,” Mr Shippen said. 

“I love his wool, he’s big and a good wool cutter.”

Banyandah had two properties, running 45,000 ewes, 30,000 in the western Riverina and the remainder around Wagga.

 “The ‘polley’s’ have that early maturity about them, so we are wanting our cake and eating it too. 

“We want a fast growth rate, but we also want a lot of wool on our sheep.” 

Stud principal Roger Polkinghorne said he was very happy with the confidence the clients had in the sheep.

A good season had played its part, with the lambs getting plenty of nutrition. 

“They just grow and their skins develop they way they are bred to be.”

Mr Polkinghorne said the Banyandah sale was exciting for the stud.

“Their focus is very much on production, quality wool and a sheep which produces plenty of meat, so that’s a real tick.

“We just love to be seed suppliers for those sort of guys.”

Lot Three, Charinga 160170, went for $32000 to Gernado Partnership, Bundabarrina, Collarenebri, New South Wales. Several other rams sold for betweeen $10,000 and $20,000.

The sale was conducted by Landmark and Rodwells.

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