STUD SIRES: Landmark stud stock's Leo Redden, Nyowee's Laura Michael and Ian Michael, Elders stud stock's Tony Wetherall, Fox & Lillie's Andrew Hendy, Horsham, Vic, and Jake Michael, with the $14,000 and $10,000 rams at the Nyowee on-property sale.

Nyowee hits new high at $14000

IT was a record sale for Nyowee Poll Merino stud with new highs for price and average at their on-property sale at Balaklava.

IT was a record sale for Nyowee Poll Merino stud with new highs for price and average at their on-property sale at Balaklava.

The auction had the full offering of 205 rams sold to a $14,000 top and a $2548 average price.

The sale started strong with lot one reaching $10,000, with the 16-month-old 95 kilogram ram bought in partnership by Oakbank Merino stud, St Arnaud, Vic, and Belbourie Merino stud, Marnoo, Vic.

The ram had a fleece of 19-micron, 3.1 standard deviation, 15 coefficient of variation, 99.3 per cent comfort factor and a 38.9 millimetre eye muscle depth and 4.9mm fat.

The sale then got even stronger with fierce bidding on lot 2, which was bought for a Nyowee on-property record high of $14,000 by Yorke Peninsula stud, Carricowie, Brentwood.

Lot 2 weighed 97kg with 18.4M, 3.4SD, 18.9CV, 99.3CF, 39.8EMD and 5.1 fat.

Carricowie’s Bronte Blyth said he had been keeping an eye out for that style of ram to use in his stud.

“It’s structure, purity and style and nourishment of wool really appealed,” he said.

Nyowee principal Ian Michael said the first two lots were great wool sheep, with links back to Nyowee family E-430, that they had considered retaining in the stud.

This strong start continued throughout the sale with only two rams within the first 100 bought for less than $2000.

The sale also had stud interest with Belbourie Merino stud also buying a further two rams, at $2200 and $3800, while Mulloorie, Brinkworth, and North Cowie, Warooka, combined to buy a ram at $4000.

Operating at the top end of the catalogue was PR Roberts, Riverton, who bought seven rams, including lot 3 at $7000, averaging $5286.

Volume buyer was WG&EM Bendall, Lake Cargelligo, NSW, with 20 rams to $2000, averaging $1320.

LN,SM Bury & Sons, Quorn, bought 17 rams to $2800, averaging $1852.

O’Connor Pastoral Group, Broken Hill, NSW, bought 16 rams to $2200, averaging $1469.

Fels Grazing, Hawker, bought 12 to $2000, averaging $1516; Warooka Pastoral, Vic, bought 11 to $4200, averaging $2918; John Gall & Co, Broken Hill, NSW, bought 11 to $2600, averaging $1782; DM Scott & Co, Clare, bought 10 rams to $5600, averaging $3840; TR Truscott Minnamurra, Naracoorte, bought nine rams to $3200, averaging $2411.

Mr Michael said he was excited about a “terrific” sale.

“We’ve had terrific support from all of our clients and maybe seven news clients,” he said.

“The pleasing thing is these rams are all paddock-run.”

He said this backed up their great results in the Adelaide Ram Sale where six rams sold to $16,000 and an average $11,000.

“The strength is our sale shows the good state of the wool industry and Merinos as a whole,” he said.

“Our commercial clients are getting terrific money on wool sales as well as wether lambs, ewes and surplus Merinos.”

The sale was conducted by Landmark and Elders with Landmark stud stock’s Leo Redden, Elders stud stock’s Tony Wetherall and Elders Eudunda’s Paul Kilby sharing the gavel.

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