Five stock agencies making up Narromine Stock Agents Association have leased Narromine saleyards from council for the next three years. Pictured are representatives Andrew Peadon, Andrew Peadon and Associates, Trangie; Tim Wiggins, Christie and Hood, Narromine; Trangie agent Peter Cruickshank; Jason Hartin, Hartin Schute Bell; and Ashleigh McGilchrist, Landmark Wilson Russ, Narromine.

Narromine saleyards lease secure

After some years of review and negotiation Narromine saleyards are now under a three-year lease by agents.

Narromine stock agents and local producers are excited about the future for the Narromine store sheep sale facility following a three-year lease agreement confirmed in December with Narromine Shire Council.

Narromine Stock Agents affiliation includes Hartin Schute Bell, Landmark Wilson Russ, Andrew Peadon Agencies, Peter Cruickshank and Christie and Hood.

The Narromine Store Sheep Sale is held on the third Wednesday of every month.

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