Julie Brown, Bill Crook-King, Hannah Crook-King, Peter Crook-King and Marie Crook-King, Glenorie, Morven purchased six rams at the Mt Ascot Ram Sale in Mitchell.

Morven wool growers buy with confidence

Positive times for the wool industry.

A MORVEN family of wool growers were buying with confidence at the recent Mt Ascot Ram Sale after one of their best lambing rates in recent years.

Peter and Marie Crook-King along with daughter, Julie Brown, their son, Bill Crook-King and his daughter, Hannah Crook-King, of Glenorie Grazing, Morven, purchased six horned rams averaging $1283 at the sale in Mitchell last week. 

The family operate a 28,300 hectare sheep and cattle property with Merinos their predominant industry.


They’re currently running about 3500 head of sheep in their flock following the construction of the Tommo Creek cluster fence in 2015 in combination with guardian dogs that help protect their property from wild dogs. 

Previously Glenorie ran a flock of 5000 sheep and in the year prior to the fence beginning the property lost a large number of adult sheep and the majority of lambs.


The property was fortunate enough to receive reasonable rain in October last year but Marie Crook-King said it was looking a bit ordinary at the moment. 

However, strong lambing rates during that wet change last year had given them plenty of confidence.

“We got 750 lambs so about 75 per cent lambing rate,” Marie said.

“We were very happy with that. Before the fence it was tough.”

While the family sold their wool back in August, Marie said they loved the current prices and positivity towards the market. 

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