Mowing by remote control is safer on slopes

Spider remote control mower increases safety

WHEN mowing on steep slopes, operator safety is a slippery issue.

The Inlon remote-controlled Civiline Spider mower may provide an answer. 

Easily transportable, the Spider seeks to replace other mowers and brush cutters on steep slopes and hilly terrain. 

Goulburn Valley, commercial mower, Brian Baschin, said he switched to the spider to improve safety and increase productivity. 

“I have a contract to mow around dam walls and reservoirs, which I’ve managed before with a brush-cutter,” he said.

“Following a review with my client, we both agreed that a safer alternative was necessary.”

Mr Baschin said while a ride-on or tractor-reach mower would have provided him with increased speed, the safety risk was too high, so he and the client’s workplace health and safety manager trialled the Spider. 

“The remote control is the obvious safety feature because it eliminates the risk of being hurt in a roll-over incident,” he said.

“Another safety improvement is the way the Spider mulches material and contains it within a cutting chamber so you don’t have stones or debris flicking out.

“This feature also gives a cleaner cut overall and doesn’t leave unsightly windrows.”

Mr Bascin said not only was he happy with the safety features, he was also impressed by the productivity. 

‘It has cut my work time in half, as I can get through half a dam wall in a day on one tank of fuel,” he said.

“It’s easy to transport around on a small trailer, so that saves time as well.”

Mr Baschin said the  Civiline Spider is capable of cutting slopes up to 40 degrees utilising four wheel drive lugged tyres and up to 55 degree slopes with its optional winch system.

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