LOCAL SELLER: Ray Schroeder, Gunallo, Pinnaroo.

Hot bids on older ewes at Pinnaroo

THE older ewe section of the Pinnaroo off-shears market was topped by the Schroeder family, Gunallo, Pinnaroo, with 142 of their 5.5-year-olds making $170.

Gunallo also sold 31, 2.5-4.5yo ewes for $141 to Elders Millicent.

Selling 5.5yo ewes were WG&KJ Venning, Pinnaroo, making $156 for their Moorundie Park-bloods, selling to Jachmann Farming, Loxton.

Both making $144 for 5.5yo ewes were BJ&SM Watson, Pinnaroo, with 167 Glenlea Park-blds, and PD&DF Colwill, Parilla, with 57 Glenlea Park-blds.

MB,KJ&JB Heinicke, Pinnaroo, sold 76, 4.5yo Hamilton Run-bld ewes for $148 and 84, 5.5yos for $142.

BM&AE Atze, Pinnaroo, had 76, 2.5-3.5yo Ridgway-bld ewes make $134, selling to Spence Dix & Co, while Jasbren Ace, Murrayville, Vic, had 32, 2.5-6.5yo ewes at $130 to Elders Mount Gambier. Selling 4.5yo ewes were GR Galbraith, Karoonda, with 110 Kamora Park-blds at $134, and KE&CA Beelitz, Parilla, with 79 Baderloo-blds at the same price.