Noel Ridley, "Cornelle", Blow Clear, with his Sept/Oct 2013 drop, Allambie blood, July shorn Merino ewes which sold for $176.

Ewes to $272 at West Wyalong sheep breeders sale

A strong crowd faced the heat at the annual West Wyalong sheep breeders sale on Wednesday, as Merino ewes sold to a top of $272.

A strong crowd faced the heat at the annual West Wyalong sheep breeders sale on Wednesday, as Merino ewes sold to a top of $272. 

Merino ewes 1.5 years sold from $130 to $272. The top price came for a run of 150 June/July 2016 drop, Wanganella blood, December shorn Merino ewes from Graeme and Kay Tulloch, “Hillview”, West Wyalong, which sold to Landmark Griffith. 

2012-2013 drop Merino ewes sold from $118 to a top of $202.

The award for the Best Presented Pen of Maiden Ewes went to Andrew and Catherine Koop, “Winnora”, Girral, for a pen of July/August 2016, Austral Eden blood, June shorn, NSM ewes which sold to a top of $220. 

The Best Presented Pen of Older Ewes went to Ray and Shiralee Grinter, “Waranga”, Blow Clear, for their July/August 2013 drop, May shorn, Richmond blood, NSM ewes which made $190. 

Quade Moncrieff Livestock and Property, principal Paul Quade, West Wyalong, said that prices were strong across the board. 

“Shorn sheep and scanned in lamb shorn sheep sold very well.”

“There were also good prices for good runs of wether lambs,” he said.  

“Wooly sheep might have made a little more on another day just with the strength of the wool market at the minute.”

“People could see the potential of the scanned lambs and the quick returns they would get, so they sold well,” he said. 

The Hardie Partnership, “Rugby”, Tallimba, sold 180 July/August 2016 drop, One Oak blood, April shorn ewes for $230. 

Clint Ridley and Sarah Ostenfeld, “Kookaburragong”, Condobolin, sold 40 July/August 2016 drop, Towalba blood, April shorn ewes for $224. 

Ian and Jean Ridley, “Wimering”, Burcher, sold 4.5 and 5.5 year old, Austral Eden/Allambie blood ewes, scanned in lamb to Poll Dorset rams for $204. 

Noel Ridley, “Cornelle”, Blow Clear, sold 620 September/October 2013 drop, Allambie blood ewes for $176. 

First cross Ewe lambs sold to $149, for  a run of unshorn August 2017 drop, Yarrawonga/Weddin blood Border Leicester/Merino lambs from the McDonell family, “Killarny”, Buddigower. 

The McDonells also topped the first cross wether lamb portion, selling the brothers from the same August drop of lambs for $120. 

Bruce Stewart, “Fairfield”, Ardlethan, sold July/August 2012 drop, Simms Uardry blood, November shorn, ewes, joined to White Suffolk rams for eight weeks for $160. 

He also sold a run of his 1.5 year old Uardry/One Oak blood, November shorn ewes for $200. 

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