Peter Darmody from Wybimbie, Beckom, with his top price ram purchase held by Wantana Hills owner Jim Darmody, "Pine Hills", Boorowa.

$1300 top for Wantana Hills

The Wantana Hills Helmsman ram auction at Boorowa reached a $1300 top.

The Wantana Hills Merino ram sale was held yesterday at “Pine Hills”, Boorowa, drawing interest from local, repeat clients. 

Running as a Helmsman auction, a total of 23 sold of the 34 offered for a 68 per cent clearance and $846 average. 

The first ram in the sale created interest from the local buyers that fueled the silent bidding to reach a top of $1300. 

Peter Darmody from Wybimbie, Beckom near West Wyalong, secured the Wantana Hills 118 ram. 

By Wantana Syn 43 the ram had a 18.0 micron, 3.0 standard deviation (SD), 16.7pc fibre diameter coefficient of variation (CV) and 99.6pc comfort factor.

Mr Darmody said the ram was a nice upstanding ram with good wool on him. 

“He had nice crimpy wool and a good outlook,” he said. 

“We join about 1300 Merino ewes and have been on Wantana now for 15 to 20 years, so just keep coming back here. They are good sheep for our country.”

Wantana Hills owner Jim Darmody, Boorowa, said the ram is a good, big, stretchy ram with top wool cutting ability and superior wool. 

“The ram is a grandson of Roseville Park 43 who sold at Dubbo for $10,000,” Mr Jim Darmody said. 

The second top price ram was Wantana Hills 50 that sold to Doug Gauntlett and Karen Green from Lochinvar, “Trandari”, Wirrimah, for $1200. 

Sired by The Wantana Travis ram, he measured 16.8 micron, had a 3.0 SD, 17.9pc CV and a CF 99.9pc.

Jim Darmody said he was happy with the line up of rams this year and the repeat buyers from various locations that attended. 

The sale was conducted by Landmark with Tim Woodham, Wagga Wagga, overseeing the Helmsman sale. 

Full report to follow. 

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