Yearling steers to feed reach 286.2c at Dalby

Numbers increased by 431 head to 4876 at Dalby sale on Wednesday.

Recent rain did not deter numbers with supply lifting by 431 head to 4876 at Dalby on Wednesday. Once again this week, some consignments from SA were included in the line-up along with a large penning of cows and calves.

Prices improved for a number of classes, with heavy weight yearling steers 3c/kg dearer and med weight heifers to feed gained 10c. Heavy grown steers to export slaughter averaged 10c better and bullocks also lifted in price. However, the larger number of cows improved the most, with gains of 12c to 18c.

Yearling steers to feed made between 275.2c and 286.2c to average 281.2c. Yearling heifers to feed averaged 281c and sold from 280.2c to 285c. Yearling heifers to restockers sold firm at 248.2c.

Grown steers made from 266.2c to 283.2c to average 279.2c, up 10c. Grown heifers improved 2c to make from 232.2c to 238.2c. Heavy cows sold from 220.2c to 234.2c to average 229.4c, up 12c. The best of the bulls made to 278.2c.

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