Yearling steers sell to 272c, av 234c at Mareeba

Numbers reduced by 77 head for a yarding of 581 cattle at Mareeba on Tuesday.

Mareeba combined agents penned a total of 581 head at this week's prime and store cattle sale.

Numbers decreased by 77 head on the previous week. One local processor re-entered the market this week.

Values eased for finished bullocks back 18c from 305c. Values for local trade heifers eased 23c from 242c. Finished cows suitable for slaughter eased by 33c from 250c. The absence of one southern trader provided less competition than usual.

Bullocks suitable for slaughter eased by 19c on the previous week and bulls to the slaughter market were back 11c. Good quality store steers lost a little value back 3c, good quality store heifers eased 24c from 239c and young store males eased substantially (quality was lacking).

There were 155 steers averaging 242c selling to a top of 289c, 195 bulls averaging 155c selling to a top of 290c, 138 cows averaging 172c selling to a top of 211c, 56 heifers averaging 200c selling to a top of 219c, 22 yearling heifers averaging 177c selling to a top of 209c and 12 yearling steers averaging 234c selling to a top of 272c.

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