Yearling steers hit 304.2c, average 292.4c at Dalby

There was a drop in numbers at Dalby sale this week, with 4445 cattle yarded.

Similarly to most other markets, numbers reduced by 13 per cent at Dalby this week, with 4445 cattle yarded. However, included in the line-up were some consignments from SA and a larger than normal yarding of over 330 cows and calves.

Medium and heavy weight steers to feed experienced little change in price, while medium weight heifers to fed gained 7c/kg. Heavy grown steers to export slaughter were 5c better. Cows sold to a market 5c to 9c dearer.

Yearling steers to feed sold from 270c to 304.2c to average 292.4c, up 3c. There was a 7c improvement for yearling heifers to feed, making from 250c to 271.2c to average 267.2c. Grown steers to slaughter made from 262.2c to 272.2c, up 5c. Grown heifers to slaughter were better by 3c and sold from 235.2c to 261.2c, to average 245.4c. Cows sold from 202.2c to 217.2c, to average 209.1c. The best of the bulls made to 280c.

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