Uniquely Aussie: Bert Barass with his new breed, daughter Montana and Yass Valley mayor Rowena Abbey, all excited about what it means for the industry. Photo: Jessica Cole.

Yass breeder producers world first uniquely Aussie breed

Yass cattle breeder Bert Barass has created a new breed of cattle that is not just attractive in shades of black and white, but also very valuable.

Named for a unique white cross on its otherwise black coat, the Southern Cross cattle is a combination of at least five different breeds – ones Mr Barass is keeping close to his heart. 

“Like Colonel Sanders secret herbs and spices, I can’t give away my famous recipe,” he said. 

The new composite breed was designed to not only be easily managed but also great for it’s meat production. 

“We’re talking about a 58 per cent carcass yield,” he said. “Which, given the additional qualities of the new breed, is a huge plus.”

The breed is a first for Australia and, according to Mr Barass, the first in the world. 

Having been in the cattle industry for 45 years, it has taken him around 10 years to perfect the new breed, hoping to soon breed a complete line.  

“The breed isn’t stable yet, that will take many more years, but we have got to a stage where they are what we were looking for,” he said. “They are lovely animals, very docile and they are great around children. Given their small size and sociability, they are perfect for small acreage. On top of that, they are great hanging meat.”

“It’s a very exciting time and we hope we can maintain the breed.” 

Mr Barass is taking the Southern Cross Cattle, to be displayed for the first time, to the Murrumbateman Field days on October 15 and 16. 

“We’ll be at the stall B31 and we hope people will get down for a visit,” he said. 

Now in its 38th year, the Murrumbateman Field Days will bring together over 430 exhibitors, displaying a range of farm machinery, equipment, services and produce to tempt even the most fastidious taste buds with local wines and food.

Margaret Head from the  Murrumbateman Progress Association says that despite issues in previous years with reception, this year Telstra will provide a temporary cell on wheels (COW) to prevent reception failures for the 20,000 plus attendee’s wanting to purchase items electronically. 

Open 8am until 5pm on Saturday and 8am until 4pm on Sunday, an event for the whole family.