The Wagyu breed society's chief executive officer Dr Matthew McDonagh.

Whatsdriven breeds growth

THE now-cemented premiums, the work done by established and developing international brands and the maturation of premiums for proven Wagyu seedstock genetics have driven the breed’s growth.

That is the belief of the Australian Wagu Association’s new boss Dr Matthew McDonagh.

There is limited global competition, outside of Japan, and Australia is seen as the international market leader in development of Wagyu genetics, again outside of Japan, Dr McDonagh said.

“Our breedplan platform is now the globally recognised source of objective information regarding Wagyu genetics,” he said.

An increase in supply of bulls and the large volume of Angus females along with a sustained premium for Wagyu cross cattle had provided a cost-effective method of market entry.

AWA’s annual conference, to be held in Mackay, Queensland, during the first week of May will have a strong focus on fullblood production.

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