Weaner steers 431c at Eidsvold

Steers under 200kg topped at 431c/kg at the October 12 Eidsvold cattle sale.

Quality lines of cattle were on offer at the TopX Eidsvold sale on October 12 with prices increasing across the whole yarding.

Steers under 200kg topped at 431c/kg and averaged 422c/kg, steers 200-300kg made 427c and averaged 408c, and steers 300-400kg sold for 384c and averaged 364c.

Heifers under 200kg topped 366c to average 350c, heifers 200-300kg made 374c to av 348c, and heifers 300-400kg sold to 346c to av 344c.

M&K Stanford offered Droughtmaster cross 183kg steers, selling for 431c to return $792.

M Guthrie sold 195kg Charbray cross steers for 425c to return $829, also offering 234kg Santa cross steers to 427c to make $1000.

B&M Johnston sold 226kg Droughtmaster cross steers for 424c to return $959.

No Rane Partnership sold Santa cross feeder steers for 384c to return $1210.

W Brownbill offered 335kg Greyman steers for 362c to return $1213.

Glenview Pastoral sold 197kg Santa cross heifers reaching 366c to return $721.

I Gitsham offered Santa cross heifers selling for 363c returning $655.

M&T Harm sold well with 215kg crossbred heifers for 374c to return $807.

R Bonish offered Droughtmaster cross heifers weighing 227kg selling for 372c returning $846.

SC Anderson presented EU Braford cross 338kg heifers for 346c to return $1172.

Continuing to sell B&M Johnston presented a line of Brangus cross heifers weighing 308kg selling for 343c to return $1059.

The next TopX Eidsvold cattle sale is on November 9, 12.30pm start.

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