AMIC's Patrick Hutchinson says Argentina's moves should be a wake-up call.

Wake up to ourbig price pressures

BEEF imports to China and access negotiations are closely monitored by peak processor lobby group the Australian Meat Industry Council (AMIC).

Chief executive officer Patrick Hutchinson said Australia was the longest-serving meat exporter globally and had been effective in market negotiations.

“But as we start to see countries like Argentina come onto the competitive space, there is more need than ever to address the competitive price pressure we face,” he said.

A number of factors, including the rising Australian dollar and Australia’s cattle supply situation, when combined with the lack of government action on easing energy costs and red tape burden, were proving “catastrophic” for the competitiveness of beef exports, Mr Hutchinson said.

“The largest consumer of raw materials is China and so it is becoming a more open market place,” he said.

“Our government needs to wake up to fact red meat exporters are operating in a highly competitive market.”

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