Bullocks top 257c at Charters Towers

Bullocks were quoted 4c dearer and heifers were 3c dearer at Charters Towers sale on January 31.

Charters Towers combined agents yarded a total of 512 cattle on January 31 consisting of 420 prime cattle and 92 store cattle. The prime cattle consisted of 97 bullocks, 6 heifers, 249 cows and 69 bulls.

Store cattle consisted of 54 steers, 37 heifers, 0 cows, 1 cows and 1 calves.

Cattle comprised of small lots of mainly prime cattle supported by 92 stores. The yarding was drawn from Greenvale, Tully, Giru, local and coastal areas. The condition of the cattle and the market was good. Bullocks were quoted 4c dearer, heifers were 3c dearer and cows were 2c easier on last week’s rates. Bulls were 6c easier on last week’s rates.

Bullocks topped at 257c/kg for six Droughtmaster ox sold from J&G Camilleri, Tully that weighed 526kg to return $1354.

A pen of trade heifers were presented from R Grisinger which made 225c to weigh 400kg and return $900.

The top pen of cows were sold by Pedracini Grazing for 211c and weighed 488kg to return $1031.

One good cow from Gypsy Park Droughtmasters sold for $1457

Bulls sold from Pedracini Grazing topped at 236c and weighed 515kg to return $1216.

Store cattle were too few in numbers to have any bearing on the market.

A pen of seven steers from Hunt and Griffiths made 348c and weighed 118kg, returning an average of $412.

A good pen of two heifers from Judy Knuth made 244c, weighed 255kg and returned an average of $622.

1 x1 cows and calves sold from Gypsy Park, Woodstock returned $1310 per unit.

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