Eidsvold steers make 345c

The first cattle offering of the year from TopX North Burnett met with solid results at Eidsvold on January 17.

TopX North Burnett held their first sale for 2018 at Eidsvold on January 17 with quality cattle on offer, receiving solid results.

Steers 200-300kg made 345c/kg and averaged 318c, steers 300-400kg reached 324c and averaged 301c, and steers 400-500 topped at283c and averaged 278c.

Heifers 200-300kg made 290c and averaged 277c, heifers 300-400kg sold to 283c and averaged 274c, while heifers 400-500kg sold to 256c and averaged 245c.

K Mesner sold Droughtmaster steers for 345c at 210kg returning $724.

M Guthrie sold Charolais cross steers for 328c at 276kg returning $908, continuing to sell Charolais cross heifers sold for 273c at 256kg returning $699.

M&T Harm sold Brangus steers for 319c at 265kg returning $848.

T&L Haupt sold EU Charbray cross steers for 320c at 289kg returning $925, continuing to sell EU Charbray cross heifers sold for 281c at 254kg returning $715.

C, M&R Murray sold Brangus cross steers for 317c at 306kg returning $972.

BC Carlton sold Brangus cross steers for 314c at 331kg returning $1040.

BS&J Anderson sold EU Braford steers for 313c at 344kg returning $1077, continuing to sell EU Braford heifers sold for 283c at 312kg returning $885.

SC Anderson sold EU Braford steers for 308c at 360kg returning $1109.

P&J Gardiner sold Simmental steers for 303c at 387kg returning $1174.

R Drinkwater sold Brangus heifers for 290c at 270kg returning $783.

K Postle sold Charbray cross heifers for 280c at 276kg returning $775.

Cow and calf units topped at $1130

The next TopX North Burnett cattle sale in on January 31 from 12.30pm.

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