Beef processor Teys Australia Central Queensland and labour hire company AWX have been ordered to pay $964,254 by Rockhampton Supreme Court in a workplace persoanl injury claim.

Teys slogged $1 million worker payout

Beef processor Teys Australia has been ordered to pay a million dollar personal workplace injury claim brought by an ex-worker at the company's Lakes Creek plant near Rockhampton.

Afghanistan born, 25-year-old, Rahmatullah Ahmad Baig filed at personal injury compensation claim, represented by Maurice Blackburn Lawyers, against Teys Australia Central Queensland and labour hire company AWX on January 15, 2013.

A judgement by Justice Duncan McMeekin ordered Teys and AWX to pay Mr Baig a total gross settlement, prior to the WorkCover refund deduction, of $964,254 on December 20 last year.

The judgement didn't specify how the compensation payout was to be split between the two companies, but according to Maurice Blackburn Lawyers “the two businesses will apportion it between themselves and usually this is agreed upon before trial”.

Maurice Blackburn Lawyers noted they weren’t privy to how the payout will be split between Teys Australia Central Queensland and AWX.

Mr Baig started working a Teys Lakes Creek plant in May 2010 after arriving in Australia some time during October 2009. Mr Baig reported suffering a back injury on July 5, 2010 while working on Teys Lakes Creek processing floor.

Teys Australia declined to comment on the matter.

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