Monto Cattle and Country yarded 562 head for the first sale of 2018. Ron and Margaret Hampson's Santa bullocks averaged 727kgs at 239.2c/kg or $1740/head.

Santa cross weaner steers to 361c at Monto

There were 562 head yarded at Monto sale, where competition was solid.

Monto Cattle & Country’s first sale for 2018 saw 562 head yarded.  Competition was still solid but rates have slipped since the closure in 2017.

Heavy bulls sold from 200c to 300c topping at $2606. Heavy Santa bullocks 727kg a/c Ron and Marg Hampson sold to $1740.

Charbray trade heifers a/c D Skinner sold to 257c or $1060. R & M Hampson sold Santa cows to 205c or $1313.  N & H Iversen’s Droughtmaster cows sold to 203c or $1130. G & P O’Dell sold Charbray cows to 200c or $1044.

J, F & C Younger penned Brangus cross steers 395kg to realise $1126 or 285c.  Walt Ariens and family sold Droughtmaster No.7 steers 300kg to 328c or $987. GR Downie Droughtmaster cross No.7 steers also sold to $328c or $947. Charlton Doblo penned light Santa cross weaner steers to realise 361c topping at $650.

L & A Marshall sold Charbray heifers 454kg to $1172 or 258c.  P, R & T Nielsen sold Droughtmaster No.6 heifers 354kg to make 265c or $938. B, J & P Pownall, Builyan sold Brahman cross No.6 heifers 320kg for 262c returning $837. 

Fred Whitley penned 243kg Droughtmaster cross weaner heifers for 281c or $685.  Matt & Rowena Clarke’s Droughtmaster weaner heifers sold to 281c or $707. 

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