Work is ocntinuing to find a treatment for pimelea poisoning.

Roma to host Pimelea R&D Think Tank

Latest update on research into Pimelea.

A SMALL group of producers will gather in Roma to discuss further pimelea pasture management questions that need to be answered following the latest $1.5 million three year funding from MLA to the University of Queensland and DAF to continue rumen research. 

Weather forecast for 2018 indicate producers’ face the potential threat of pimelea with dry summer, patchy ground cover followed by winter rainfall making ideal conditions. 

In a bid to continue the work down last year, AgForce have organised a Think Tank event at their Roma office on Thursday morning which will see a core group of about 12 people draft an R&D question list.  

It is hoped this will help focus research and field trial efforts towards best outcomes for managing pimelea abundance in the paddock. 

“There is scope to commence this Pimelea pasture management/cattle nutrition research ASAP,” AgForce said.

“We can build on the $25,000 still available from Year 1 producer pledges to source additional resources.”

Key questions that may be discussed include:

- Managing the browse height of dry, seeding Pimelea in amongst buffel pasture. Will overcoming pasture rundown minimise Pimelea impact?

- Are high protein, active rumens more resilient to Pimelea impact? Is there a role for Faecal NIRS to monitor diet quality and help minimise Pimelea impact?

- How to manipulate pH, nutrient levels, shade or other factors of red and sandy soils to minimise Pimelea establishment?

Initial research funded by $150,000 of producer pledges and MLA’s Donor Company MDC saw rumen samples and 100kg of plant material to be collected.

The new $1.5million MLA funded work will look at developing a rumen inoculum and effective absorbency compounds. 

For further information contact Marie Vitelli on 0429 062 852 or email or contact Sharon Purcell on ph 0407 101 773 or email 

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