Bruce Harvey, Harvey and Clarke, Caboonbah, with milk tooth steers that sold for $1670 at Shepherdson and Boyd's Toogoolawah store sale on Friday.

Cows and calves top $2420 at Toogoolawah

Bevan Kammholz’s top quality Droughtmaster herd was in red hot demand at the Shepherdson and Boyd’s Toogoolawah store cattle sale.

ANDURAMBA cattleman Bevan Kammholz’s top quality Droughtmaster herd was in red hot demand at the Shepherdson and Boyd’s Toogoolawah store cattle sale on Friday.

Cows and calves sold to $2420 to average $2125. Pregnancy tested heifers and cows sold for $2000 and unjoined heifers topped $2200. Weaner heifers sold to $1350. Mr Kammholz was dispersing his herd following the sale of his property.

Vince O’Brien, Shepherdson and Boyd, said the overall market was very strong for the 1080 head yarding with feeder steers selling to $1670 and weaner steers in great demand topping $1205.

Harvey Clarke, Caboonbah, sold Droughtmaster-cross steers aged two years for $1670. Michael Conroy sold 20 month old Santa-cross steers for $1555. Lloyd and Elaine Golinski sold Charolais-cross steers aged 12-14 months for $1235. Brian and Daphne Hermann sold Charolais-cross steers 18 months for $1345 and 10 month old steers for $1120. T&G Kelloway, Hazeldean sold 20 month old Droughtmaster and Brangus steers for $1655.

Mt View Pastoral Co, Bryden, presented 100 very good quality Charolais-cross steer calves topping at $1205, with six pens from $1020 to $1175. Ivy Bennett sold Charolais-cross steers 10 months for $1030, while John Masters sold 12-14 month old Charolais-cross steers for $1105. Wendy Callinan sold a top line of 12 months Charolais-cross steers for $1160 and 10 months for $1005. R&J Pickering of Windera sold Droughtmaster steers 10 months for $1045.

Jimna Grazing Co sold eight month old Santa-cross steers for $915. Rob Baines sold Charolais-cross steers 12-14 months for $1200. CA Helm sold Charolais-cross steers for $1300. Geoff Gelhaar sold a top line of Santa-cross weaner steers for $1080 and with the Charolais-cross steers for $980. Devon Hills sold eight months Charolais-cross steers for $945. Kevin Oxenham sold Droughtmaster steers 10 months for $1100. Tony Fitzgerald sold Charolais-cross steers 10 months for $1075. Garry Sherlock sold two Limousin weaner bulls for $1110.

Inverstanley Pastoral Co, Esk, presented a top line of Charolais/Droughtmaster-cross replacement heifers 20 months, selling for $1325 and $1275. Carolyn Blacklock sold Angus-cross heifers 20 months for $1245 and Charolais-cross for $1200. K&J Sanguinetti sold 20 months Euro-cross heifers for $1155. K&J Horrex sold Charolais-cross heifers 18 months for $1040. Erin Duncombe sold Charolais-cross heifers 10 months for $915.

T&G Kelloway sold six Droughtmaster and Angus-cross heifers 18 mths for $1085. Geoff Gelhaar sold Santa-cross heifers 12 mths for $1055 and Charolais-cross for $1095. Steib family sold 10 months Charolais-cross heifers for $860. Mt View Pastoral Co sold eight mths Charolais-cross heifers for $830 and $795. B&D Hermann sold Charolais-cross heifers 10 months for $845. Margaret Wilson sold weaner Droughtmaster heifers for $835.

Deborah Thorne, Maleny, sold Santa-cross heifers 6-7 months for $745 and Euro-cross for $770. Anita Quinn-Maudsley sold a quality line of Droughtmaster and Santa-cross cows and calves for $1850 and $1840, with the PTIC cows selling for $1510. K&J Sanguinetti sold Charolais-cross cows and calves for $1860. Aged store Charolais-cross cows sold for $955 and Brahman-cross for $955. Tim and Valda Moore sold Santa aged store cows for $970.

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