Emily McCormack takes photos of the cattle on her family farm.

Passion for taking photos of livestock

EMILY McCormack said it’s not often she’s seen without a camera in hand, having spent the last 25 years taking photos of livestock.

Ms McCormack started her photography career working at a chemist, developing photos, “the old-fashioned way”.

In her spare time, she took photos out in the paddocks, at her husband’s family farm, Nenagh, in Mansfield.

Having moved to the Western District for 11 years, her family has moved back to the family farm, where they run cattle and a few sheep.

Ms McCormack said there are many opportunities to get the camera out.

“I’m out there every day, working in the yards, so there’s always lots of opportunity to take photos,” Ms McCormack said.

“My kids are into it too, with the horses and motorbikes. We all just love getting out and about.”

She said she is “obsessed with light”.

“I love being able to capture different aspects of an animal depending on the time of day,” she said.

“Everywhere I look I’m always looking through the camera lens, whether I have a camera with me or not.”

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