At least Emily Perczyk was smiling, but her daughters Pheobe and Felicity were not certain of the photographer. D&D Perczyk sold F1 heifers and calves for $2125.

Mixed feelings aboutF1 sale

Some producers were too stunned to comment on their sales, others accepted some good results with a smile.

Monday’s Leongatha sale was a F1 female sale comprising of 1496 calved, PTIC and unjoined heifers.

Producers selling F1 females, Monday, watched the first sale of the day and could have expected a solid sale.

M&L Schwennsen, Poowong, offered two Angus-Friesian heifers of smaller stature with good quality Limousin calves at foot. Selling for $2520 put all buyers on notice.

Mindarra Park, Benalla, was next offering nine Angus-Friesian heifers with Limousin CAF, 2-4 weeks. These were part of a consignment of 49 calved F1 heifers, and this first pen topped the sale, making $2550.

However, from there on it varied greatly.

The balance of the Mindarra Park heifers sold from $1925-$2475, the higher price here was for four Charolais-Friesian and Red Angus-Friesian heifers and calves.

Brain & Thorson, Poowong, sold 15 Angus-Fresians with quality Limousin CAF, 4-6 months, for $2400.

While individual sales of each vendors lot was cheaper, later into the sale, some sales were poor.

JD&EA Keogh, Foster, offered 36 Angus-Friesian heifers with CAF 1-2 weeks. The first pen made $2075, but the balance sold from $1340-$1400.

A similar story can be told of the PTIC heifers, most of which were February and March calving, many on the point of calving.

RW Bruce, Leongatha, sold a total of 73 Angus-Friesian heifers, 2.5 years, very well grown, and on the point of calving.

The line up sold to $2325, for an average of $2110 which was a good result.

Mindarra Park sold 49 PTIC heifers to a top of $2400, which was the top price.

B&G Paisley, Wonthaggi, offered 18 Angus-Friesian heifers, by stud Bravington bulls, PTIC to Limousin, which sold from $1900-$2200. These were very good heifers with plenty of weight and condition.

JP O’Loughlin, Berry’s Creek, sold 80 Angus-Friesians to $2010, the balance from $1570-$1910.

These, and the next vendor, JD&EA Keogh, have been selling F1 females for a long time.

The 54 heifers of the Keogh family only sold from $1480-$1700, which was a disappointing sale.

Some sales of younger heifers were mostly between $1325 and $1625, although a couple of sales were below $1000.

J&L Manicaro, Kardella South, offered 19 very good quality heifers, which topped the un-joined section at $1550.

SP Dunlop sold 10 Hereford-Friesian heifers for $1375, and G&K Davison, 12 Hereford-Flec/Friesain cross heifers to $1350.

A good example of the balance of heifers was Harliza Park, who sold 44 heifers, 13-15 months, from $1000-$1150, and 69 younger heifers from $500-$775.

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