At least Emily Perczyk was smiling, but her daughters Pheobe and Felicity were not certain of the photographer. D&D Perczyk sold F1 heifers and calves for $2125.

Mixed feelings aboutF1 sale

OVER the first five weeks of 2018 there have been a large number of breeding females sold, and sale results have been very mixed to say the least.

Some producers were too stunned to comment on their sales, others accepted some good results with a smile.

Monday’s Leongatha sale was a F1 female sale comprising of 1496 calved, PTIC and unjoined heifers.

Producers selling F1 females, Monday, watched the first sale of the day and could have expected a solid sale.

M&L Schwennsen, Poowong, offered two Angus-Friesian heifers of smaller stature with good quality Limousin calves at foot. Selling for $2520 put all buyers on notice.

Mindarra Park, Benalla, was next offering nine Angus-Friesian heifers with Limousin CAF, 2-4 weeks. These were part of a consignment of 49 calved F1 heifers, and this first pen topped the sale, making $2550.

However, from there on it varied greatly.

The balance of the Mindarra Park heifers sold from $1925-$2475, the higher price here was for four Charolais-Friesian and Red Angus-Friesian heifers and calves.

Brain & Thorson, Poowong, sold 15 Angus-Fresians with quality Limousin CAF, 4-6 months, for $2400.

While individual sales of each vendors lot was cheaper, later into the sale, some sales were poor.

JD&EA Keogh, Foster, offered 36 Angus-Friesian heifers with CAF 1-2 weeks. The first pen made $2075, but the balance sold from $1340-$1400.

A similar story can be told of the PTIC heifers, most of which were February and March calving, many on the point of calving.

RW Bruce, Leongatha, sold a total of 73 Angus-Friesian heifers, 2.5 years, very well grown, and on the point of calving.

The line up sold to $2325, for an average of $2110 which was a good result.

Mindarra Park sold 49 PTIC heifers to a top of $2400, which was the top price.

B&G Paisley, Wonthaggi, offered 18 Angus-Friesian heifers, by stud Bravington bulls, PTIC to Limousin, which sold from $1900-$2200. These were very good heifers with plenty of weight and condition.

JP O’Loughlin, Berry’s Creek, sold 80 Angus-Friesians to $2010, the balance from $1570-$1910.

These, and the next vendor, JD&EA Keogh, have been selling F1 females for a long time.

The 54 heifers of the Keogh family only sold from $1480-$1700, which was a disappointing sale.

Some sales of younger heifers were mostly between $1325 and $1625, although a couple of sales were below $1000.

J&L Manicaro, Kardella South, offered 19 very good quality heifers, which topped the un-joined section at $1550.

SP Dunlop sold 10 Hereford-Friesian heifers for $1375, and G&K Davison, 12 Hereford-Flec/Friesain cross heifers to $1350.

A good example of the balance of heifers was Harliza Park, who sold 44 heifers, 13-15 months, from $1000-$1150, and 69 younger heifers from $500-$775.

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