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Mentoring our future beef leaders

The Graeme Acton Beef Connections Program at Beef Australia 2018 focuses on mentoring the next generation.

Returning to Beef Australia 2018 is the Graeme Acton Beef Connection program, proudly supported by Westpac Agribusiness.

Named in honour of the late Graeme Acton, the program enables young people who are willing to challenge themselves to develop a project for the betterment of our industry. Beef Australia matches these young people with some great achievers to get the job done. It is a program designed to mirror the inspiration and encouragement that Graeme gave to so many in our industry.

The strength of the applications was outstanding, not just the presentation of the candidates but the big thinking that came forward in their nominated projects. Beef Australia sees this as not only a program that develops lifelong business relationships but also one that generates real benefit for industry. It’s about developing the skill set to seek out solutions and implement change.

An exciting example this year is the partnership between Steward Moroney from Victoria and his mentor, Brett Kelly. Brett is the CEO of Norco, one of most successful Australian farmer owned cooperatives. Beef Australia appreciates the time and knowledge our mentors bring to the program.

The successful applicants and their mentors come from all over Australia; Anna White, NSW, mentor  David Greenup; Steward Moroney, Vic, mentor Brett Kelly; Bede McAlpin, Qld, mentor Richard Rains; Ella Paine, Qld, mentor Steve Taylor; Hamish Lamond, NT, mentor Greg Chappell; Annabelle Butler, NSW, mentor Julie McDonald; Jim Teasdale, Vic, mentor Ken Rich. Don’t miss the project presentations in your Beef 2018 itinerary.

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