Light steers make 370.2c at Gracemere

There were 2361 cattle offered at Friday's Gracemere sale.

Gracemere missed a sale due to the Australia Day public holiday and agents penned 2361 head on Friday, consisting of 1113 steers, 658 heifers, 460 cows, 51 cows and calves and 79 bulls and mickies.

Cattle were sourced from all local areas along with lines from Mackay, Nebo, Collinsville and Clermont. Quality was quite good for most descriptions, although some of the younger cattle were mixed. Competition was reasonable throughout the sale with a full panel of buyers operating.

Slaughter steers sold to  273.2c, average 257.1c, steers 400-500kg made 284.2c, average 258.4c, steers 300-400kg reached 354.2c, average 280.5c, steers 200-300kg made 370.2c, average 321cc and steers under 200kg sold to 370.2c, average 344.2cc.

Slaughter cows sold to 233.2c, average 205.3c, cows 400-450kg made 221.2c, average 192.3c, cows 320-400kg reached 226.2c, average 186cc, and cows under 320kg made 150.2c, average 140.7c.

Heavy heifers sold to 249.2c, average 243.7c, heifers 300-400kg made 259.2cc, average 249.2c, heifers 200-300kg reached 289.2c, average 271c, and heifers under 200kg made 291.2c, average 277c.

Cows and calves sold to $1300p/unit, average $1027p/unit.

Bulls over 600kg made 239.2c, average 231.4c, bulls 450-600kg reached 240.2c, average 226.4c and bulls under 450kg sold to 288.2c, average 248.6c.

Rob and Una Oates, Comet, sold Brahman feeder steers for 270c/kg weighing 547kg returning $1473/head. The Moretti family,Dululu, sold Charbray steers for 354c weighing 396kg returning $1402/head.

L & K Wilkie, Jambin, sold Droughtmaster cross steers for 284c weighing 388kg returning $1104/head. Jim Churchward sold Crossbred feeder steers for 286c weighing 369kg returning $1057/head. Mitchell Morrice sold Brahman cross weaner steers for 370c weighing 195kg returning $724/head.

AG & DG Elliott, Theodore, sold Droughtmaster weaner steers for 370c weighing 280kg to return $1040p/hd. K & A Baker, Kalapa, sold Charolais cows for 212c weighing 615kg returning $1303/head.

Peter and Sue Gray, Marlborough, sold Brahman cows and calves for $1300/unit. Mt Spencer Pastoral, Nebo, sold Brahman cross heifers for 266c weighing 370kg returning $986/head.

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