India’s new tariff on pulses a bitter end to the season

India’s Parliament has imposed a new 30 per cent tariff on imported chickpeas and lentils.

India’s Parliament has imposed a new 30 per cent tariff on imported chickpeas and lentils, which has caused concern among Victorian grain growers.

While the industry had been aware this was a possibility for a number of months, that knowledge will not lessen the impact for Victorian growers, many of whom have already battled frost and hail this season.

India is a key market for Australian pulses, accounting for approximately 80pc of Australian chickpea exports. Australia’s Free-Trade agreement negotiations with India have stalled since last year in part because neither party could reach an agreement on agricultural protection.

VFF Grains is calling on the Australian Federal government to build on our positive relationship with India and continue negotiations on agriculture trade barriers.

Australians producers compete in an international market without any government support and therefore ensuring positive trade protocols with our trading partners is essential," said Ross Johns, the VFF Grains President.

“It is important we continue our dialogue with India to ensure we can create a stable trade environment, without these surprise tariff increases.”

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