New Santa Gertrudis Youth Ambassador Georgia McMaster with her RJ Kleberg Award and accompanied by Rob and Tracey Doak, Bundarra, NSW.

McMaster new Santa youth ambassador

Georgia McMaster has been awarded the Santa Gertrudis Youth Ambassadorship for 2018.

Georgia McMaster has been awarded the Santa Gertrudis Youth Ambassadorship for 2018.

The 19-year-old vet student, who currently studies at Wagga Wagga University, grew-up attending the Santa Gertrudis Youth Camp and is very excited about winning the ambassadorship on January 13.

“I’m very happy and honored to become the cattle breed ambassador,” Ms McMaster said.

The McMaster family has a long history with the Santa Gertrudis Youth Camp with all the children attending when growing up and Georgia’s mum, Kim McMaster, having been involved in the youth camp for 30 years.

“We did Santa camp a lot when we were younger, so I’d always seen the older members of the group and leaders win the Santa Youth Ambassador award,” Ms McMaster said.

The main aim for Georgia during her tenure as youth ambassador will be to encourage more young people to be involved in the Santa Gertrudis breed and increase their knowledge of Santa Gertrudis cattle.

Santa Gertrudis Youth Ambassador Georgia McMaster.

“I believe getting more young people involved will only strengthen the future of our breed and potential Santa cattle genetics,” she said.

Georgia is the daughter of Santa Gertrudis cattle breeders, Duncan and Kim McMaster, who own Dundee Santa Gertrudis Stud based at Inglewood near Goondiwindi.

The McMaster family also have property in New South Wales.

Georgia’s farther, Duncan McMaster, was the past president of the Big S Santa Gertrudis committee who convened an annual Santa bull sale in Toowoomba.

“Santa Gertrudis is the preferred choice for large scale cattle stations in Northern Australia and have a proven performance in those regions,” Ms McMaster said.

“I think the Santa breed needs to continue driving an advertising path selling the breeds advantages and utilizing Santa’s natural attributes to create a marketing ‘point of difference’ to other cattle breeds.

Ms McMaster believes this will continue boosting the Santa Gertrudis profile against other highly marketed cattle breeds in Australia's beef industry.

“Santa cattle are phenomenal how much weight they can put on with minimal feed,” she said.

“A Santa can produce an incredible amount of quality meat and consistent carcase in challenging conditions.

“These and many other positive attributes make a great ‘point of difference’ marketing potential to outcompete the other highly marketed beef breeds.”

Ms McMaster added the Santa Gertrudis breed has a strong, high quality genetic pool in Australia, plus a history of good quality cattle both here and overseas.

Another area Ms McMaster would like to promote are advantages of Santa cattle in southern Australia.

Since a little child Ms McMaster has always wanted to be a vet and enjoys studying her career at university.

“I would like to work as a large animal vet, but I think my ultimate goal is having a mixed animal vet practice based in a rural area,” she said.

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