Beef Australia 2018 chair Blair Angus. The event promises to deliver the taste of Australian beef to consumers from around the country and overseas.

Food experience a stand-out: Beef 2018

Beef 2018 will take the taste of our nation to consumers from around Australia and overseas.

Beef 2018 will take the taste of our nation to consumers from around Australia and overseas. Australian Beef is recognised as the best in the world and the final satisfaction is in consuming it.

At Beef 2018 there will be over 30 food vendors, from steak houses and food trucks offering exotic cuisine, to organic hot dogs and delicious low’n’slow barbecued beef.

Some favourites from 2015 are returning, including: The Cape Grim Burger Project, Hogs Breath and Woodfire 600. There will also be some exciting new additions such as: Claudette, Barbeque Mafia, Smoking Yak and the Bundy Burger Company.

The PwC Celebrity Chef Restaurant will feature again, with patrons enjoying culinary masterpieces prepared by world leading chefs such as Tom Kerridge, a two star Michellin chef from the UK, the original Iron Chef Sakai from Japan, Chef Afit from Indonesia, the Middle Eastern Master Chef Tarik Ibrahim and our Australian grown international super star Curtis Stone.

These International celebrities will be supported by Australian celebrities Ben O’Donoghue, Matt Golinski, Dominic Rizzo, Sam Burke and Beef Australia’s own executive chef Shane Bailey. Our celebrity chefs will also be in The Butchers Kitchen, sharing their skills in cutting and preparing beef.

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