Daraabah Kapow was the supreme interbreed beef bull at 2016 Royal Canberra Show.

Fleckvieh cattle on show at Canberra

Fleckvieh is the feature breed at this year's Royal Canberra Show.

MEMBERS of the Fleckvieh breed are taking the opportunity to showcase their cattle as much as possible at the Royal Canberra Show.

On top of the show and a multi-vendor Fleckvieh sale, members will be holding several milking demonstrations throughout the day in the dairy milking barn.

Stud breeder George Cassar, Karova Fleckvieh, said the event was a great opportunity to showcase the breed’s use in beef and dairy operations.

Thomas Grupp, general manager of German genetics company Bayern Genetik, is the Fleckvieh judge for the show.

“He’s one of the largest Fleckvieh breeders in the world, and he’s one of the people promoting Fleckvieh cattle as a universal breed, and suitable for crossbreeding operations, in both dairy and beef herds,” Mr Cassar said.

“A little known fact is that Fleckvieh is the second most milked breed in the world behind Holstein. Currently, the oldest milk recorded cow in Germany is a Fleckvieh cow. She is 23 years of age, and has produced more than 140,000 kilograms of milk – that’s over three B-double tankers.”

Mr Cassar said another benefit of Fleckvieh in the dairy was the extra income generated from the sale of excess bull calves. 

“Some farmers using Fleckvieh over their dairy cows in Victoria are getting over $250 a head for the Fleckvieh-cross calves at one week of age while their dairy bull calves make an average of $10 to $65.”

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