Emerald yards 1400.

Heavy feeder steers 280c at Emerald

Generally the quality was quite mixed with a yarding of heavier weight local cattle and lightweight western store cattle at Emerald on January 18.

An ease in numbers offered to just over 1400 at Emerald on January 18. Generally the quality was quite mixed with a yarding of heavier weight local cattle and lightweight western store cattle. Values were up and down compared to last week’s sale.

Prime cattle tended to ease in rate with bullocks over 550kg selling to  266c/kg to average 258c, 4c easier, heavy steers 500-550kg made to 277c to average 269c, a cent or two better, while heavy heifers over 400kg reached 259c to average 247c, 3c cheaper. Heavy cows over 520kg topped at 213c to average 208c, 5c less, cows 450-520kg sold to 207c to average 200c, 10c less, while heavy bulls over 600kg made as much as 224c to average 213c, a cent or so back off last week,s rates. In the store section, heavy feeder steers 400-500kg topped at 280c to average 270c, no change, steers 350-400kg reached 278c to average 262c, a drop of 19c, while 280-350kg steers made to 340c to average 288c, a gain of 5c. 200-280kg steers topped at 392c to record the strong average of 345c, a lift of 30c, while light steers under 200kg reached 396c to average 386c, 36c better than last week. Feeder heifers made to 263c to average 254c, no change, 280-350kg heifers topped at 290c to average 260c and be 5c cheaper, 200-280kg heifers sold to 294c and average 264c, a couple of cents dearer, while light heifers under 200kg topped at 330c and average 304c. No cows and calves on offer this week.

The Daniels family, StonyBrook, Springsure sold Santa bullocks to 257c to weigh 730kg or $1878, while Charlie and Margaret Prince, Janibee, Capella consigned Droughtmaster steers to 276c to weigh 474kg or $1309. David and Anne Prince, Melaleuca, Capella sold Droughtmaster steers making 271c to weigh 512kg or $1389, while the Iddles family, Nogoa Downs, Emerald sold Brahman cross steers reaching 380c to weigh 218kg or $832. Colin and Trina Hoy, Green Valley, Bogantungan offered Brangus steers to 392c to weigh 222kg or $872, while Mike and Vicki Donovan, Coolibah, Capella sold Euro cross steers to 266c to weigh 544kg or $1448. Adrian and Tammy Esmond, Cockatoo, Emerald sold Brahman cross steers to 353c to weigh 263kg or $929, while the Randell family, Crinum, Tieri offered Brahman cows to reach 210c to weigh 594kg or $1249. The O’Brien and Cunningham Families, Myrtle Park, Comet sold Santa cows to 208c to weigh 671kg and returned $1397, while Brian and Cheyanne Loudon, Karinda, Springsure sold Brahman cross cows reaching 208c to weigh 550kg or $1146. Nigel and Beth Burnett, Langley Downs, Emerald sold Brahman cross cows to 209c to weigh 648kg and $1357, while Johno and Carmel Tibbles, Westlyn, Springsure had their 476kg Droughtmaster cross heifers to 258c and $1231.

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