Dalby market eases

There were 5048 cattle yarded at Dalby on Wednesday, where the market was generally cheaper.

There was a small increase in supply, with 5048 cattle yarded at Dalby on Wednesday and overall quality was mixed. Most of the usual buyers were in attendance and operating in a generally cheaper market.

Yearling steers and heifers to feed eased around 10c/kg. Heavy grown steers and bullocks eased very little, however cows sold to a market 3c to 9c easier.

Heavy weight yearling steers to feed made from 271.2c to 304.2c to average 282.1c, back 13c. Yearling heifers 330-400kg sold to 281.2c to average 257.1c, back 11c.

Medium weight grown steers averaged 263.5c, up 6c, making from 256.2c to 269.2c. Cows to processers in the 400-520kg range made from 173.2c to 190c and averaged 184.8c. Heavy weight cows averaged 208.1c. Bulls topped at 278.2c.

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