Cows and calves $1850 at Laidley

There was a high quality yarding of 656 head at Laidley's first sale of the year.

A large crowd turned out for the first Laidley cattle sale of the year, with high quality yarding of 656 head on offer. Cattle were sourced from the Lockyer Valley, Crows Nest, Beaudesert and Kilcoy regions. Weaner and feeder cattle sold to a strong market, while the limited export cattle on offer opened up slightly easier.

The sale highlight was a line of 19 Charbray heifers with calves at foot, from Graham Sue, Mt Kilcoy, with the line selling for $1850. Pat Collingwood, Murphys Creek, sold a line of Charbray cows and calves for $1675. Ryan Cole, Mt Whitestone, sold Senepol cows and calves for $1700.

Ross Doolan, Blenheim, sold 14-month-old Charbray heifers for $965 and a bull for $1440. Lester Schofield, Kilcoy, sold Santa feeder steers for $1260. Fred Brands, Ravensbourne, sold milk tooth Droughtmaster steers for $1180. Daryl Dawes, Hirstglen, sold 16-18 month old Bazadais steers for $1200.

Paul Bonnett, Marburg, sold 12-month-old weaner steers for $1000 and a line of Droughtmaster cows and calves for $1300. Daniel Richards, Monsildale, sold a line of Droughtmaster weaner steers for $860. Bruce Greer, Flagstone Creek, sold lines of 10-month-old Brangus steers for $935-$960.

John Sutton, Fordsdale, sold a line of Droughtmaster steers, 8 months, for $875. Gary Shum, Ropeley, sold lines of Charolais weaners, with 10-month-old steers selling for $880, 12 month old heifers for $945 and 7-month-old heifer calves for $780.

Davies and Green, Coominya, sold Brangus heifers, 15 months, for $1060. Les Paroz, Laidley, sold Charbray cows and calves for $1675. Morrie Doube, Carpendale, sold Droughtmaster cows and calves for $1475. 

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