Barb and Warren Fargher, Wirrealpa, Blinman, with Landmark Port Augusta agent Tim Wooley and Kathy and Darrel Fargher, ex-Martins Well.

Cattle prices back at Strathalbyn

PRICES were back on the previous store sale at Strathalbyn on Friday, February 2.

PRICES were back on the previous store sale at Strathalbyn on Friday, February 2.

There were about 1100 cattle yarded, with steers making to $1110 and heifers to $920.

Kicking off the sale was Kangaroo Island vendors RB&SA Talbot, with 14 Angus steers, 391 kilograms, that sold for $1080 or $2.76/kg to Princess Royal.

Topping the steer section was Handley Pastoral Co, Coonalypn, with 13 February/March-drops at 432kg that made $1110 or $2.56/kg. The same vendor also sold the second-highest price steers at $1100, for 12 at 394kg, equating to $2.79/kg, along with a further 12 at 363kg for $1000 or $2.75/kg.

Both making $1060 for their steers were M McCallum, Point Sturt, with 12 Angus-crosses, 387kg, making $2.73/kg, and Longmead Angus, Woodside, with 15 at 363kg or $2.92/kg.

GF&PA Smith, Waitpinga, sold 20 Angus steers, 376kg, at $1055 or $2.80/kg, while Bowles Nominees, Mount Compass, had 13 Limousin-Shorthorn steers, 370kg, make $1015 or $2.74/kg.

Offering good lines of Granite Ridge-blood steers were Blackwood Park, Macclesfield, with 15 at 341kg making $950 or $2.78/kg, 14 at 335kg at $930 or $2.77/kg, 15 at 304kg at $910 or $2.99/kg and 16 at 309kg at $920 or $2.97/kg.

Granite Ridge principal Colin Flanagan, Reedy Creek, bought back his own bloodlines with the steers.

“I’ll grow them out to a minimum of 500kg, at between 15 to 16-months-of-age, and then they’ll go to a feedlot,” he said.

Other large steer lines came in from KI vendors PAE&PA Riggs, with 20 Pathfinder/Broomfield-blds, 297kg, at $840 or $2.82/kg, 20 at 279kg at $780 or $2.79/kg, 19 at 252kg at $785 or $3.11/kg and 13 at 335kg at $880 or $2.62/kg.

Heifers sold to $920 for 14 from A McLean, Mount Compass, weighing 358kg and equating to $2.56/kg.

RAW Family Trust, Tailem Bend, sold six heifers, 332kg, at $830 or $2.50/kg to Thomas Foods International.

Blackwood Park sold 21 heifers, 241kg, for $760 or $3.15/kg.

There was one pen of heifers with calves at-foot offered. The 23 heifers, which were not rejoined, with 23 CAF were from Tomich Pastoral Co, Hahndorf.

Loganlee, Myponga, sold five Murray Grey cows with 6-7mo CAF for $1775, and 12 with 1-3mo CAF for $1800.

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