Adam Sciberras, 15, "Country Style Simmental Stud", Londonderry, bought this pen of 11 Limousin steers, 326kg, for $1000 a head, averaging $850 across the pens he purchased at the Carcoar store sale last Friday.

Carcoar yearlings hit $1340

A mixed quality yarding of 3159 head was on offer at the Carcoar store sale last Friday at the Central Tablelands Livestock Exchange.

A mixed quality yarding of 3159 head was on offer at the Carcoar store sale last Friday at the Central Tablelands Livestock Exchange. 

Buyers arrived to the sale in large numbers, with strong competition present across all categories. 

Numbers were down on the previous months sale and quality cattle was met with massive demand. 

The market was stronger across all categories from the previous sale. 

A good number of cow units were offered. 

Ray White Emms Mooney principal, Ben Emms, Blayney, said that the market had met expectations.

“Considering the drying off of the local district across the past ten days, the sale was very solid. Once again we received a great amount of southern support,” he said.

Light weight weaner steers sold from $730 to $920, with the older weaners earning between $830 and $1040 a head. 

Lyn and Bruce Richardson, “Eurella”, Glen Alice, in the Capertee Valley, sold a run of 18 Angus steers, averaging 211kg, for $900 a head. 

Camilleri Investments, “Farrentoureen”, Barry, sold 32 Angus steers, 300kg, for $1100. 

The majority of light yearling steers less than 330kg sold between $820 and $1100, while the heavier yearling steers made from $960 to a very solid top of $1340. 

Adam Sciberras, 15, Country Style Simmental Stud, Londonderry, bought 11 Limousin steers for $1000. 

Nixons Transport, “Avondale”, Blayney, sold 21 Limousin steers for $1180 and 16 Limousin heifers for $1080. 

Pendarvis Developments, Byng, sold 13 steers at $1185 and eight steers at $1120.

AJ & L Culverson, “Totnes”, Clergate, sold black and black baldy steers for $1035 and heifers for $815. 

Gordon Boyd, Canowindra, sold 21 of his top Angus steers for $1100, the seconds making $1070.  

Most mid weight weaner heifers 200kg and over made from $600 to $840. 

Weaner heifers over 280kg topped at $935. 

Light weight yearling heifers below 330kg made from $665 to a top of $1080. 

Yearling heifers weighing over 330kg made between $860 and $1170 a head. 

Scott Thomas, Manildra, sold 20 Angus heifers for $1150 and 12 steers to $1170.

R & C Thompson, Gooloogong, sold 16 poll Hereford heifers for $1170. 

A small run of Pregnancy-Tested-In-Calf Murray Grey heifers sold for $1100. 

PTIC cows between 400kg and 550kg made from $850 to $1250, while a small run of heavy PTIC Charolais cows made to $1580. 

Cows with calves less than two months old sold from $1160 to $2000 per unit. 

Cows with older calves between two and four months sold between $1000 and $2050. 

The Meadows Angus, Hazelgrove, sold seven Angus cows with calves, 2 to 3 months, for $1600. 

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