Feeding the hungry buyers, WVLX feedlot cafe operators, Sue Morrison and Cheswe Cody.

Buyers support of first WVLX store sale

Industry support for the recently opened WVLX-Mortlake saleyards was another overwhelming success, Thursday, when a large following of feeder and restocker buyers bid consistent prices at the centre's inaugural store cattle market.

Competing for a near capacity penning of 3875, prices bid for best black feeder lines were tightly knit into a 275-296c/kg range while other breeds of grown steers made 250 to 278-cents.

Lines of weaners also won good support making from 285c and a top of 307c/kg while heifers traded freely from 265 to 287c with an isolated breeder sale to 322c/kg.

However, a disappointing flat spot was the poor response to a large quality offering of breeding females whereby only one lot was sold north of $2000/head, and most first-calf heifers found a market pitched on $1350 to $1910 and included two high-profile and well-presented signature lines.

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