AUSTRALIA DAY SALE: Peter and Fran Eggleston, Marshlands, sold these 18 month old Droughtmaster steers for $1300 at Toogoolawah.

Toogoolawah buyers chase young cattle

Buyers chased young cattle at Shepherdson and Boyd’s Toogoolawah store sale on Australia Day.

SHEPHERDSON and Boyd’s Australia Day cattle sale at Toogoolawah saw a large crowd and spirited competition for all young cattle. Feeder steers sold to an easier market, grower steers held their values extremely well and young steers and heifers sold at very good rates in the 750 head yarding. 

Peter and Fran Eggleston sold Droughtmaster steers two years for $1300 and $1170 and Charolais-cross steers at 20 months for $1160. Barry Dunning had Santa-cross steers 14 months at $1120. Harrison and Kruse had 14 months Droughtmasters-cross steers for $1050. Littlemore Farms of Colinton sold Charbray steers 16 months for $1065, Santa steers for $1000 and Angus-cross steers for $990. 

Gerald and Jan Ryan sold Charbray steers 12 months for $990. Glenn and Carol Beanland had Charolais-cross steers 12 months for $925. Quayle Cattle Co had Droughtmaster steers 12-16 months for $1050 and $1000. Fay Craddock sold Angus-cross steers for $865. Gary Siedofsky had Droughtmaster steers 10 months for $1015. The Vedelago family, Atkinson Dam, sold top quality Charolais steer calves for $995. Ruhland Ranch sold Charbray weaner steers for $925 and $910. 

Tim Collins Murray Grey-cross steers 12 months sold for $865. Keith Hayes weaner Simmental-cross steers sold for $880. M&M Taylor had Charolais-cross steers 30 months for $1240. Glen Pearce sold Droughtmaster x steers for $1000. Neil Tate’s Droughtmaster-cross steers 12 months sold for $935.  The King family’s Droughtmaster steers 10 months sold for $1000. A Collins had quality Charbray steers 18 months for $1040. Mary Birchley of Eidsvold sold six months Droughtmaster steer calves for $800.

Ian and Mo Usher sold Droughtmaster heifers 20 months for $1065. Mary Birchley had Charbray milk tooth heifers which sold for $880. Gerald and Jan Ryan sold Charbray heifers 10 months for $940 and $850. Quayle Family sold Droughtmaster-cross heifers 12 months for $850 and $805. Dudley Gunthorpe sold Shorthorn-cross heifers 12 months for $840. A Collins sold Charbray heifers 10 months for $920. Cair Conditioning had two decks of quality Charolais and Santa-cross heifers 10-14 months selling for $870, $855 and $830 and Brahman-cross heifers for $830.

B&A McLoughlin sold quality Charolais-cross cows and calves for $1660 and $1595. G&P O’Dell of Monto sold Santa-cross cows with young calves for $1360 and PTIC cows for $1150. Dudley and Sharon Gunthorpe sold Shorthorn-cross cows and calves for $1395. Cole Country Trust sold Santa heifers PTIC to Wagyu Bull for $1320 and $1300.

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