Peter Boyd, Boyd Metal Works. Photo Jim Lindsay

BoydMetal Works a strong supporter of NSW feedback trial

A COWRA based farming couple is supporting cattle producers by providing feeding equipment and continuing their sponsorship of the 2017 NSW Beef Spectacular Feedback Trial.

Fourth generation farmer, Peter Boyd, and wife, Ann-Maree, Cowra, established Boyd Metal Works some 10 years ago with an aim to produce functional cattle and sheep grain and hay feeders. 

Producing a range of quality products with the option to do custom work, the family also operates a fully automated lamb feedlot system and fattens about 160 steers a year. 

Coming from a farming background, Mr Boyd has experience and understands the wants of farmers and the need for practicality. 

“I have a common sense, practical approach to the design and manufacturing process involved in development of products,” Mr Boyd said. 

“I’m a farmer not an engineer.

“All our designs come from other farmers and my own experiences.”

Along with passion and an educated and functional approach to product development, Mr Boyd is “adamant about using 100 per cent Australian made steel”, currently employing some 16 staff in their workshop. 

Boyd Metal Works has been a continual sponsor of the NSW Beef Spectacular Feedback Trial for about five years now originally choosing to come on board to support the industry they know well. 

“It’s our industry and it helps people learn to fatten cattle quicker and efficiently,” he said. 

Mr Boyd said sales of feeders this year stood at 2500, an increase of 500 each year since 2015. 

“We have got a lot of good promotion from being involved,” he said. 

“What we make works well in the cattle industry. We have sold feeders into NSW, Queensland, Victoria and South Australia.”

The Feedback Trial is seen as “beneficial to industry” by Mr Boyd, as it provides information and data.

“Data is one of the most powerful tools you can have as a producer,” he said. 

“Data from the feedback trial is enormous. It also compares producers with other ‘front rowers’ in the beef industry.

“Most people that go into competition would be the top five to 10 per cent of beef producers.”

Mr Boyd said the trial helps provide producers with data that allow for informed decision making, with real evidence behind it. 

“The information and data from the trial helps with a lot of management choices and decisions. This includes breeding decisions and selection of breeds used.”

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