BEAUDESERT: Steven Hardgrave, Tin Horse, Mt Lindesay, and Bartholomew & Co agent Garth Weatherall, with 18 month old Brahman-cross steers that sold for $1295.

Feeder steers top $1590 at Beaudesert

Feeder steers sold to a top of $1590 at Bartholomew & Co's first Beaudesert store sale for 2018.

BARTHOLOMEW & Co yarded 523 cattle at the Beaudesert store sale on Saturday. The market opened up firm to dearer for the first store sale for 2018. 

A top quality yarding of heavier feeder steers came to hand and sold well. Pen after pen of Droughtmaster and Charbray steers aged 10-14 months account the breeder met hot competition. Cows and calves and quality breeding heifers were also in demand.

Simbrah steers two years account Witheren Pastoral sold for $1590. Eurara, Innisplain, sold Euro-cross steers 15 months for $1295. Brahman-cross steers 18 months account Tin Horse, Mt Lindesay, made $1295. Euro-cross steers 12 months account David and Sharon Bruce, Tamborine, sold for $1105. 

Charbray weaner steers from Tru Investments, Beaudesert, sold for $1025.  Mike Bauer, Birnam, sold Droughtmaster weaner steers for $920. Charolais-cross steers 12 months account William Taylor, Purga, made $905.  Droughtmaster-cross steers 12 months account John Gurney, Obum Obum, sold for $955. Brangus steers 12 months account Darryn Hester, Allenview ,sold for $1030. Droughtmaster steers 12 months account Alan and Pam Perry, Palen Creek, sold for $1,010. 

Lance Batchelor, Palen Creek sold Droughtmaster-cross heifers for $1000.  David and Sharon Bruce sold Charolais-cross heifers for $1000. Charolais-cross weaner heifers from Tru Investments sold for $960. Eurara sold Charolais-cross heifers 12 months for $945. Ben and Jemma King, Boonah, sold Charolais-cross heifers 12 months for $940. Jaeger Strip, Allenview, sold Charolais-cross heifers 12 months for $945. George Massam, Biddaddaba, sold Santa-cross heifers for $900. 

Alan and Pam Perry sold Droughtmaster heifers 12 months for $895. Mike Bauer sold Droughtmaster heifers 12 months for $890. Coolibah Pastoral, Beaudesert, sold Droughtmaster cows and calves for $1580. Brangus cows and calves account Paul Swan, Veresdale, sold for $1520. Thomas Brook, Boyland sold Droughtmaster heifers and calves for $1400. David and Annette Kassulke, Beaudesert, sold Murray Grey cows for $1230.

The next Beaudesert store sale is on January 27. 

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