Hereford brothers: Banemore's David Jenkin, left, with his brother Bob, who bought the top-priced $14,000 bull at Banemore's sale.

Banemore hits $14,000 top

Banemore Poll Herefords near Penshurst gained an average price close to $5400 at its 2017 bull sale.

The good momentum of the current bull sale season has continued with Banemore Poll Herefords at Penshurst selling 31 of 35 bulls to a pleasing average of $5383 and a top of $14,000.

David Jenkin of Banemore said the sale was one of the best it had held and achieved a great average price.

Mr Jenkin said the rising two year old bulls offered showed the muscling and growth for age that Banemore was renowned for.

Sale auctioneer Andrew Sloan, from Landmark, said the “the average (price) was very strong for the Hereford bull sales in the western district.”

“It was one of the better averages,” he said.

Mr Sloan said the quality of the bulls offered was consistently high.

“There was no tail (in the quality) on them,” he said.

The sale last Thursday again enjoyed the strong support of the David Jenkin’s family with Mr Jenkin’s elder brother Bob Jenkin of “Old Nayook” at Mount Schank near Mount Gambier buying the $14,000 top priced bull, which was Lot 1, Banemore Anzac L17.

L17 is sired by Allendale Anzac E114 out of Banemore Summer Day A009 and has a scrotal circumference of 39 centimetres.

It had a birth weight of +3.1, a +36 for a 200 day weight, +63 for 400 day weight, a +80 for 600 day weight and a +1 for Intramuscular fat.

Bob Jenkin said Banemore’s style of cattle suited his beef enterprise at “Old Nayook”.

Others members of David Jenkin’s extended family showing faith in Banemore were David’s brother Wally Jenkin and Wally’s son Legh, from “Nayook South,” Allendale East, near Mount Gambier.

Nayook South was the biggest volume buyer, buying eight bulls to a top of $9000 for Lot 4 for Banemore Anzac L29 that was sired Allendale Anzac E114 out of dam Banemore Summer Day E043. Legh Jenkin said L29’s carcase traits were good and he liked Banemore’s Poll Herefords because very little dehorning was needed.

His father Wally Jenkin said Banemore’s bulls were not pumped up too much with grain so they didn’t break down quickly away from the stud.

Another volume buyer was KW & ML Mibus & Son, of Penshurst, who bought three bulls to a top of $8000.

Meg Bell, from BN & JM Bell, Millicent, bought Lot 6, Banemore Anzac L24, for $10,000, saying it had good figures and Banemore bulls had always performed well for her family.

Ms Bell said her family had been buying Banemore bulls for a few years because their offspring suited the feedlots such as Thomas Foods International that her family’s operations targeted.

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