Russell Bennie on his property called Elborn across the road from Mort & Co's Grassdale Feedlot near Dalby on Queensland's Darling Downs.

No Grassdale Feedlot court appeal

The only official objector to Mort & Co’s Grassdale Feedlot expansion have opted not to lodge a Planning and Environment Court appeal.

The only official objector to Mort & Co’s Grassdale Feedlot expansion have opted not to lodge a Planning and Environment Court appeal.

As reported by QCL last month, Russell Bennie and family were strongly considering a court appeal against the cattle feedlot expansion approval by Toowoomba Regional Council last December.

The council’s appeal period closed last week with the Bennie family tabling the only public objection to Grassdale’s expansion to 70,000 head during TRC’s public consultation period.

Mr Bennie said the family’s resources could be better spent understanding Grassdale Feedlot’s regulatory obligations and mitigating any impact on their properties adjacent to the feedlot.

“If Grassdale follows the regulations then things are ok, but we are focused on knowing those obligations and ensuring we aren’t impacted in ways we shouldn't be,” he said.  

The major ongoing impacts are odour, dust and increased traffic according to Mr Bennie.

“I believe we are more impacted than other surrounding properties due to our geographical location and natural weather patterns,” he said.

Mr Bennie also noted his concern about a lack of streamlined regulation enforcement or reporting of impact issues to government departments relating to Grassdale Feedlot.

“The road to our property has a lot of trucks travelling to the feedlot and that’s creating a problem with potholes because the council only grades our road once a year,” he said.

“We have never received any information about what regulation standards apply to Grassdale Feedlot or any educational guidance on the facility's threshold impact standards.”

“That’s despite being neighbours for the past 10 years since Grassdale Feedlot was built.”  

Mr Bennie said the family didn’t have any impact concerns about Grassdale Feedlot until capacity exceeded 30,000 head of cattle.

“Personally, it’s very unpleasant when the effluent pond water from the feedlot is used to irrigate cropping paddocks when there’s a northerly wind, we get a very strong odour across our property,” he said.  

Mr Bennie would also like to know Grassdale Feedlot’s future plans including when it will stop expanding.

“We are concerned the feedlot will continue to grow and the impacts will increase on our properties,” he said.  

Grassdale Feedlot currently has a cattle capacity of 47,952 head and plans a $25 million expansion to 70,000 head.

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