TOP PRICE: FBC Felix Manso 924/1 topped the Big Country Brahman Sale after he sold for $65,000 to Matthew and Janelle McCamley, Lancefield M Brahmans, Dululu, pictured with Tony and Joanne Fenech, Fenech Brahmans, Wowan. Photo - Kelly Butterworth.

Fenechs’ Felix tops Big Country sale

The Big Country Brahman Sale has wrapped up today in Charters Towers.

RECENT rain had wallets opening on day two of the Big Country Brahman sale this week in Charters Towers, with the grey bulls selling like (expensive) hotcakes. 

It was FBC Felix Manso 924/1 who topped not only the grey run but the entire sale when he sold for $65,000, and the grey sire was an impressive sight to see. 

The 36-month-old bull was sired by FBC Megatron Manso 345/1, who sold to Savannah Brahmans in 2012 for $60,000 at Brahman Week. 

The grey run saw 147 grey bulls sell to average $9025 for a gross of $1,326,500. Those figures are including eight bulls who were sold after the sale. The clearance for bulls sold under the hammer was 94 per cent, however including bulls sold out the back the clearance for the greys was 97pc. 

Felix was a true meat machine weighing in at 1094kg, with an impressive EMA of 148cm sq, and boasted a scrotal circumference of 40cm. 

He scored a 15 in the P8, and a nine in the rib scans.

The second top priced grey bull was the $60,000 Clukan Chayse 309/6 (P), who sold to Tony Hayne, Northern Veterinary Services, Northern Territory. Read more about Mr Hayne’s purchases in story on left. 

Chayse, offered by Steve and Theresa Taylor, was also impressive in the books, with 932kg of red meat, an EMA of 145cm sq, and a scrotal circumference of 43cm. 

FBC Felix was purchased by Matthew and Janelle McCamley, Lancefield M Brahmans, Dululu, and Mr McCamley said he would be going straight home to the stud cows. 

“We thought he was a standout bull with his overall length and the beef attributes of the bull, he was very correct and we have been using these genetics before and they work very well with our herd,” he said. 

“He will be going in with some of our stud cows.”

Mr and Mrs McCamley run a stud herd of 400 breeders, and a commercial herd of the same. 

Vendor Tony Fenech, FBC, said he had expected Felix to top his own line, and it was an added bonus to see him top the sale. 

“It’s great, we think the bull is worth every cent of it,” he said.

“He was a sire we were trying to breed for a very long time.”

Felix, named after Tony and Joanne Fenech’s grandson, will be missed in the FBC stud herd.

“It’ll be sad to see him go,” Mr Fenech said. 

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