US blueberry growers say they have solved bird problem with innovative laser technology.

How lasers are beating problem birds | Video

AN automated laser system is proving a successful means of deterring problem birds on a blueberry farm near Jefferson in Oregon, US.

Meduri Farms operations manager Justin Meduri said birds were destroying about 25 per cent of the overall potential crop, valued at about US$100,000 (A$130,000).

“It has been a success story ever since. We simply have no issue anymore.” Mr Meduri said.

“Previously we had to work hard to keep the birds away. Last year before the lasers, we experienced the highest damage incurred by birds ever. Now with the lasers, we don’t even have to worry about it.” 

The laser bird deterrent technology takes advantage of a bird’s natural instincts. Birds perceive an approaching laser beam as a predator and take flight to seek safety. 

Meduri Farms installed six  Agrilaser Autonomic to protect the crop.