Salt Creek principal, Peter Creek and Salt Creek manager Tom Wilson appeared queit relaxed before the start of the Woorndoo property's annual production sale

Salt Creek Merino ewes buoyed to $274

New and repeat buyers bid eagerly for Merino ewes at the Salt Creek Merino annual production held at Woorndoo, Vic on Thursday.

Sporting a dense May-shorn 18-19 micron jacket as a luring enticement breeding ewes from the Salt Creek September 2015-drop made to an impressive top of $274 a head for a selected draft of 305 while a second line from the same year made $258 a head.

Ewes from Salt Creek's 2013 ewe-drop were next to test the market making $256 for the age group's first-draft pen of 552 while a second yard of 340 made $246.

A price of $220 paid on two occasions and a third hammer at $192 sold a line of 1443 head of 2012-drop five years with successful buyers taking runs out the gate.

Elders Mortlake manager, Hayden Lanyon who managed the sale on behalf of Salt Creek Merinos said prices had exceeded expectations as a result of a "perfect storm" that has formed as the sheep industry stemming from buoyant wool, lamb and mutton prices.

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