New online wellbeing toolbox seeks farmers feedback

A University of South Australia health and wellbeing toolbox website trial is looking for Australian farmers to provide feedback on the new, free resource.

A new web-based resource designed to help Australian farmers cope effectively with life’s challenges and build stepping blocks to get the most out of each day has been launched by  the University of South Australia’s Sansom Institute for Health Research Farmers’ Wellbeing Research Group.

A free website that was designed in consultation with Australian farmers, Ifarmwell is based upon what farmers want and what research shows could help with finding solutions to the challenges faced from living on the land. 

Researchers are looking for farmers from across Australia to test the new resource and provide feedback for the website trial. 

To take a tour of Ifarmwell visit or 

For more information contact Kate Fennell on  08 8302 2137 or 

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