Auctioneer Paul Dooley, Tamworth, with Elders district wool manager Tom Henry, New England, and Eddy Cordingley, Lorelmo Poll Merinos.

Lorelmo Poll Merinos reach a $3000 high

Clearing 100 per cent and increasing their top price and average this year, Lorelmo Poll Merino are very pleased with their successful on-property sale held yesterday at "Topdale", Walcha.

With a focus on increasing staple length, to enable a six-month shearing program, and stablizing their micron at 17.5, Lorelmo Poll Merinos experienced success clearing 100 per cent and increasing their top price and average at their on-property ram sale held at “Topdale”, Walcha, on February 5. 

The Cordingley family sold all 45 rams offered, to reach a top price of $3000 and a $1646 average, both up on last year. 

Auctioneer Paul Dooley said the market is a lot dearer this year as it is sitting off the back of the wool market. 

Elders district wool manager Tom Henry, New England, purchased the top-priced ram, Lorelmo 160492, on behalf of a client. 

The stand-out ram was sired by the 120083 sire and measured 15.2 in the micron, 2.49 standard deviation (SD), 16.38 per cent fibre diameter coefficient of variation (CV), 4.56 coarse edge micron (CEM), 99.95pc comfort factor (CF) and 11.4pc body weight deviation. 

“He was a well grown, well structured ram with a great outlook and a quality wool,” Mr Henry said. 

The second top-priced ram, Lorelmo 160217, was secured for $2800 by Paul Nichols, Glen Innes. 

Sired by the 140735 ram, it measured 16.8 in the micron, 2.75 SD, 16.37pc CV and 4.94 CEM with a CF of 99.9pc and a body weight deviation of 12.8pc. 

Mr Nichols also bought Lorelmo 160531 for $2400, to average $2600 for his draft. 

The largest volume buyers were JGT. and BH. Beynon, Uralla, who secured eight rams to reach a $2000 top, twice, and a $1725 average. 

Other multiple buyers were GB. and FM. Ostini, “Euroka”, Stuart Town, who bought five rams to a $2200 top and $1640 average, and local buyers Garoka Pastoral Company, Walcha, secured six rams topping at $1800, twice, and averaging $1367 for their selections. 

Pleased with the results of the sale, Lorelmo co-owner, Eddy Cordingley, said “it was a good clearance with a better average than what we have had over the past few years.” 

John Cordingley, Lorelmo, said “thank goodness wool is back. 

“The biggest take home is people are after bolder crimping wool and they are tending towards more a 17.5 micron sheep which is where we are heading,” Mr John Cordingley said. 

Elders Walcha conducted the sale with Paul Dooley taking bids from the rostrum. 

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