Soil testing for nitrogen levels in the Murray Upper area.

Cane farm field tour

Innovative cane farming practices will be showcased on a field trip in Tully.

INNOVATIVE cane farmers and researchers will showcase new trials and projects at a free sugarcane field tour in the Tully region next Thursday.

Organiser Charissa Rixon said the event would focus on nitrogen with on-farm insights into everything from bio-fertiliser to variable rate herbicide projects.

Growers, industry stakeholders and other interested people can visit four sites and hear from five farmers and two researchers at the event, which starts at 8.30am on Thursday, January 25.

“We will be looking at innovative projects ranging from bio-fertiliser trials and mixed species intercropping to various ways to enhance nitrogen use efficiency,’’ Ms Rixon said.

“There is also a project looking at the ways of mapping weeds for variable rate herbicide treatment.

“This is about seeing the trial sites and speaking to growers who are trying different things to learn more about the benefits and challenges of new methods.”

Participants will hear from farmers Ray Zamora, Mario Raccanello, Danny Pantovic, Chris Condon and Brian Dore as well as researchers Danielle Skocaj from Sugar Research Australia and Charissa Rixon from T.R.A.P. Services.

Participants of the tour will travel to four cane farms by bus and lunch is included.

For more information about the sugarcane field tour, contact Charissa Rixon on 0448 667 785.

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